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  1. Hmm... I only plan to do one or two at a time. I already planned on pre heating in a 200° oven. What about using a small charcoal grill rather than a pit. That would eliminate the moisture in the ground issue. I also have some firebrick laying around. Not enough to build even a small kiln, but I should have enough to build a "box" around the pipes to protect them. Would that work? Also, I have seen some info on mummy saggars. Would that be an option? I understand that it may blacken the clay, but I that isn't undesirable.
  2. Hi all. Total newb to pottery and I have some questions on a project I am undertaking. I am an occasional pipesmoker, and I like to make my own pipes. I've carved them from wood and soapstone, and I have decided to make a clay pipe(s). I've made a plaster slipcast mold, but I neither have nor have ready access to a kiln at the moment. I've been looking into pit firing as a possible solution. I do know that pit firing doesn't get quite as high a temp as even a small hobby kiln, but clay pipes( at least those intended for tobbaco) are only bisque fired, to retain their porocity. Would pit firing be sufficient to fire my pipe to bisque? Are there any issues with pit firing slipcast, or small, relatively delicate forms?
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