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  1. My lady wants to get a tabletop slab roller looking for suggestions from the group regards brand names. Really would appreciate your thoughts thanks. Graybeard
  2. Im not looking to get into trouble here but what about the ethics of using something like a tribe name. Doesn't seem right to me or even " native american " unless you are a first nation's member. I would tred lightly. Just my 2 cents worth Graybeard
  3. How about pic of the kiln, location and some specs on it. Stay safe Graybeard
  4. Avery, is possible to heat the collars with a torch without burning any other parts. you would need to clean the grease around the top bearing and have a fire extinguisher handy. If you can heat the collar it will expand and loosen on the shift. IF OTHER PEOPLE ON THE FORUM THINK THIS IS A BAD IDEA DONT DO IT!! Graybeard
  5. Well, the day has arrived. I've had trouble with my kiln reaching ^6. How do I check the resistance of the elements and where do I find how many ohms is acceptable? Do I need to go into the control box or can I hook the vom to the elements inside the kiln? Any help appreciated Stay safe Graybeard
  6. Mark, you forgot you can also keep your coffee hot Graybeard
  7. I've always had a hard time repeating size and shapes with mugs, vases, bowls, whatever. I decided to try cutting the shape that I wanted to repeat out of a thin slab of clay and firing it to make a custom rib. It worked. I can't be the first one to try this but thought I'd put it out there. Stay safe! Graybeard
  8. If it was me I'd pick it up in a heart beat but I'm kinda handy. I would see what the other people have to say. But for 200 dollars I'd take a chance. Graybeard
  9. Hi guys, my question is about loading my kiln. If I load the kiln only 1/3 full will it make it harder to reach ^5 than if the the kiln is full? Thanks Graybeard
  10. What Neil & Liam said. It is amazing the crap people can come up with to steal someone's money or how low they will stoop. Graybeard
  11. A good friend and professional potter told me to "Push harder " it worked. Graybeard⁹
  12. IT WORKED!!! To all that sent suggestions about mug rims many thanks. I was tending to curl the lips in instead of out so again THANKS Graybeard
  13. Ever stab your hand feeling around in your bucket for a needle tool? I put pipe insulation around the edge of my splash pan and stick my needle tools into the foam. I haven't stabbed my hand since. Graybeard
  14. Callie, Dick. thank you very much! You have answered all my questions. You should teach a class on decals. Thank you thank you. Dick White, no worries my wife is a really great baker, ill send you a cake with a file in it. Many thanks Graybeard
  15. Thanks guys I appreciate the help. Min; I dont even know enough about this process to give you an intelligent answer. Graybeard
  16. Damn Mark that is beautiful! So you need a special printer paper and ink cartridges to do this? Sounds like its out my league. Thanks for your help. Graybeard
  17. Hi, I unplug my kiln controller when not in use to protect it from power surges, lightning strikes, and such. Over kill?? I don't know but I sleep better. Stay safe Graybeard
  18. if someone would explain how to use decal paper in ceramics I would appreciate it. Thanks for your time Graybeard
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