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    Hey everybody, update on the wheel. I took the foot pedal apart and reset the potentiometer, which didn't help the issue. I took it into my local ceramic store where I bought it, and they attempted to diagnose the problem. They weren't able to see an immediate solution, so they called Shimpo, who decided to just replace the entire motherboard. Luckily I got a loaner wheel from the ceramic store (Shouts out to The Ceramic Store of Houston, the real MVP) and have been able to throw while my wheel is being worked on. Just got word today that its fixed and ready to go. Kind of seems like my wheel is a lemon, and I'm really hoping I don't have continuing issues with it (especially when my warranty ends after a few more years), but fingers crossed this is the last fix.
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    emmaanne93 reacted to neilestrick in Shimpo VL lite won’t turn on   
    I'd call Shimpo direct and see if they can help, and let them know that this is a recurring issue.
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    emmaanne93 got a reaction from neilestrick in Shimpo VL lite won’t turn on   
    Hey folks, thanks for the responses. I just wanted to give an update on my wheel. Luckily the local ceramics store I bought from was able to take a look. At first they thought just needed to reset the potentiometer, but that didn't fix the issue. Turns out the switch was bad. Ordered a new switch from Shimpo and should be able to put it in this week. It was still under warranty so no cost to me (and thank goodness did not have to ship my whole wheel to Illinois for Shimpo to diagnose). I'll post again when I get my wheel back and confirm it's in working condition!
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