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    Danradko reacted to Chris Campbell in Breaking In For A New Artist, What Now?   
    What's next is that you will have to learn to deal with and sell to the world outside your pottery studio. The world of marketing and sales ... shows and Galleries.
    Pop into the business area of this forum ... There are several conversations going on there right now that will guide you very well.
    Best of luck!
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    Danradko got a reaction from LeeU in Breaking In For A New Artist, What Now?   
    I have recently graduated with a 2 year degree. I really can't deal with the world Outside of the pottery studio. I currently have access to open studio time at the school I was attending. I included a sample of my work, and plan on making much more, larger, and better work in the coming months. But the big question is what's next? I need to make money on work to be able to continue. It is absolutely my passion, I love how pure it is.

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