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  1. Here’s another question. My kiln is now still about 200F. Can I load it and start?
  2. Thanks. Have you ever heard of anyone damaging kiln by opening when too hot?
  3. Can someone tell be a schedule to fire bright gold luster as fast as possible. The test I did took over 20 hours. It came out great but I read that some people do it much faster— like 4 hours. I am guessing that part of my problem is that I am firing one small piece in a 6 cu ft kiln so it takes longer to heat up but I have to leave at 10 am tomorrow to go to destination wedding and I am making the cake topper. (Note: I am one of the worst procrastinators in the world). I did my firing to cone 018. 110F to 1267F, 5min hold, then 9999 to 80. I am wondering if it will help to not r
  4. We Hi all. Can someone tell me highest safe temp at which I can open kiln. I need to cool it as fast as possible. Note: There is only a test object in kiln and I don’t care if it breaks. I just want to know the safe temp for the kiln itself. (I know normally, to keep ware safe, I shouldn’t open hotter than around 150.) Thanks Amy
  5. Thanks for the input everyone. You have pretty much confirmed what I already knew but was unwilling to accept ;>) I have some kathal rod and will probably just have to get more of those. I still may see if I can get some high tech thin ceramic rods to test too. If I get any interesting findings I will post. Cheers, Amy
  6. I have questions along the same lines as those posed in this discussion. If I were to use a bead release on stainless steel rod would that make the rod usable in cone 6 electric kiln or would the stainless steel still just disintegrate? Also, would stainless steel be detrimental to the kiln elements in cone 6 electric? I am trying to find stable rods, around 1/8th inch in size, to use and reuse in kiln for glazing ceramic beads. Also, a related question, are there any ceramic type rods that might work for this purpose? Thanks
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