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  1. I like Tokyo University of the Arts and SHIMADA Fumio is my throwing teacher in my BA course. But the most problem is the language. I don't know japanese at all, although I can recognize some Kanji characters....(besides I'm not good at throwing at all:P)
  2. Thank you so much for the advice~ I've saw your flickr and I love the studio of CMU!! I'll seriously consider CMU
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  4. Hi: I'm Looking for a mfa ceramics programs in the states. I'm an international students from China. I have my BA in ceramics then I went to UK to have a one year MA designer-maker course in Camberwell college of arts. I learn a lot from MA course but it is too short for me and I still have a lots to do in my work, besides, the course is quite diversity so there's not much specific ceramics support. So I want to have another 2-3 years mfa ceramics programs. I prefer a course more focused in ceramics concept. and as I'm a international student, I'm also considering about tuition fees and language supports. Thank you
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