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  1. Hi everyone! Thank you for the welcome. And thank you for quick reply. Yes of course I did not mentioned ... I am usually using dark clay ... electric kiln (oxidation) cone 10 ... Hmmm, do you think that there is any connection with special glazing "additives" ... for example, tin oxide ... that's the only way to quickly hear about it. I will find the source of this image ...
  2. Hi, my name is Matej and I need some little help of more skilled potters than me ... I want to make a glazed surface on my pots with "irregular and random unexpected" spots ... I try to do something, but I was more and less unsuccessful ... (I attached example from web - it is easy to show what I am talking about ...) Does anyone have any idea where I can get knowledge about this topic ... I will be very grateful for any help ... Matej
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