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  1. Hello I've just been looking into handing building a bottle. I came across a suggestion to use vinegar instead of slip to bond pieces together. And another to use WD40 to help release a mould. Would neither of these things contaminate the clay or effect glazes later?
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  3. Thanks Bruce, and Marcia. I tried to click 'like' on the posts but apparently I've exceeded my quota of liking posts today! The slip is this: "161-2271 Black Decorating Slip (Engobe). Colour becomes richer as temperature increases and when glazed. Recommended firing range 1050-1280C - See more at: https://www.potclays.co.uk/studio/products/5320/decorating-slip-black-500cc#responsiveTabs" Linda
  4. Hello, I'm just starting out. So, my goals are: 1. Do the throwing weekend course i have booked this month 2. Keep up the weekly local course (sadly only two hours and means taking a whole day off my freelance work) 3. Doing the Raku course booked for March 4. Hoping to get a place at an open source pottery studio - 1.5 hours journey each way, but hey.. 5. Get my head around glazes etc 5. Make something I'm happy with Happy 2016, I'm so pleased to have a place to learn more.
  5. Hello, and apologies for such a basic question. I'm just starting out and trying some handbuilding at home before my next lesson next week. I painted a piece with black slip, a commercial slip straight from the pot (from potclays) last week, and it was very thick to brush with. I am wondering if I can dilute it or will tht cause problems with it 'fitting' the clay body? thanks, Linda (Also I have saved my profile pic to correct size but site still doesn't upload it?)
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