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  1. bciskepottery : I recon I will order some bisque tiles. Was thinking that by using the laser to make pattern by removing the glaze I would actually be adding color to a bisque surface. I see where a potential problem could exist between the glazes and cone levels now though. Appreciate all the responses I have gotten. Much to learn. Diesel Clay; Thanks, I will be trying the china paints on tiles I have on hand. Seems like that process would work for trivets and hot plates. Appreciate that information. I am located in Lafayette, In. (The "right" side of the river. ) Don't tell my son I said that, he is Purdue grad. Mark C: I have been looking into doing the entire process myself. Kiln is coming, so may as well put it to use. And I like the idea of being able to make tiles to order. One process I have been thinking of trying is putting "leather dry" clay in the laser and seeing how it "engraves" and if I can fill the impressions made with glaze to bring the image out. Perhaps I will need dry (green ware?) to do that? Will experiment for sure. I would like to make multi tile murals along with counter top, back splash and shower tiles that will hold up to installation and every day use.
  2. I have a laser which I have been using to engrave designs into big store bought ceramic tiles. Up to this point I have been color filling them with rub-n-buff or I have painted them and engraved off all the paint except the design itself. Sometimes I mask the tiles and laser thru the mask and then paint and remove the mask after painting. I also have a sand blaster which I sometimes use to etch the tiles deeper than the laser can do. I have a kiln ordered that will fire cone 10. I would like to color the engravings and fire them in the kiln so the completed tiles can be set using sanded grout. i.e. more durability than with the process I now use. Being brand new to this adventure with a kiln, I could use all the advice and recommendations you may wish to provide. The laser takes the factory glaze off and leaves a so I am unclear as to which type glaze I should use and would china paints and/or india ink work? The picture attached is close up of one of the tiles that has been engraved with the laser.
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