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  1. Hi Stone, I don't know the cone number, but they were fired at 1050 degrees celcius.
  2. Just opened the kiln and to my surpise and relieve everything was still in one piece and looks good zo far! I'm so happy No cracks so far, colour looks ok, no runny glaze on the kiln shells. I've used a white shiny glaze on the inside of the cups as reccomended in this topic (thanks) and added 'rutiel/rutile'. The mugs are currently in the sink, undergoing a boiling-water-tea-test. fingers crossed Big kiss on the cheek to you guys!
  3. I've made serveral plaster molds of glass cups and they were fine. So I think you should definitely give it a try.
  4. Hi Min, you are correct. (I'm sorry to all of you if my messages aren't as clear as they should be due to my not-so-perfect English ) Yesterday I also contacted my local supplier from which I bought the clay. They said that I bisc fire too high and that 985 should be the best temperature for the glaze to stick onto the bisc... I also contacted my former teacher from art school and he advised also to rise the final temp, and said that most commercial glazes will hold when overfired (his experience) but that the colour can change. So being the stubborn curious Dutch woman I am, I've made a testbatch with several mugs and glazes combined with the yellow matt glaze, just to see what happens (learningprocess) but now i'm firing upto 1120 (1140 is the limit temp of the clay) degrees celcius. to be continued....
  5. I use enamel powder to create a speckle/dotted colour effect on some of the yarnbowl i 've recently made
  6. Hi Min, I'm going to send the supplier an e-mail this evening. Hopefully he can give some directions as well :-) For the firing scedule: i have a kiln with a simple automatic computer the kiln will slowly rise in temparatuur (certain # degrees per hour) until it hits 600 degrees celcius, from then on it will go full on till it hits the final temp. the kiln can rise in the following temperatures: 60 degrees per hour 120 degrees per hour 260 degrees per hour 360 degrees per hour for cooling; the kiln does not have regulated cooling. it just cools down. I open the vent when the temperature is 200degrees or lower and the door when the temperature is 80degrees or lower. for bisc i use the '60degrees per hour, until 600degrees, than full on till final temp' for glaze i use the '360degrees per hour, until 600degrees, than full on till final temp'. final temp is kept for 20minutes. hope this helps..
  7. Hi Nerd, Thanks for your advise, so than, can I re-fire my immature unglazed bisc. Or should i throw away all my ready-made bisc and start from scratch and fire upto 1100/1150?
  8. Hi everyone! Thanks to all of you allready for the helpful replies. @Nerd, thanks for your concern . i'm definitely not going to sell any of this until the problem is fixed. @ Min, happy to hear you like the design the clay i use is a earthingware 'pouring' clay to use in plaster molds/casts (K150 bij Sibelco) 1000 - 1140 degrees Celcius (I'm not working with cones, it's not used so much in the Netherlands I believe). Clay body is fired to 1020 so could definitlely be underfired. glaze is fired at 1050 I allready have a lot of bisc on the shell ready for glazing. all bisc fired at 1020. should/could I re-fire some bisc (maybe a stupid question ) to a higher degree (like 1100?) then glaze and fired at 1050. Or should/could I glaze some underfired bisc and fire at 1100 directly? I also got the feeling that there are several problems happening. I never had an item chipping so badly as the little yellow pitcher but in the past i did some tests with a white shiny glaze on the inside of a cup and a coloured glaze on the outside ans this too burst as a result of tension. I aborted the mission and only used the coloured glaze all over to avoid the problem... Now i'm trying to tackle it again... about the circular crack in the bottom of 2 plates/flat bowls: the plates where placed onto 'triangles*' so they did not touch the surface of the kilnshelf * https://www.keramikos.nl/stapelmateriaal/1146-triangels-nr-01-ptp-22-mm-per-stuk.html?search_query=stapel&results=68
  9. No, it's a shell-bought glaze from MAGMA this is the webshop from which i bought the glaze. there is no info about the recipe unfortunately https://www.hazelaar.nl/product/1340805035/magma-mm314-oudroze-
  10. Hi everyone, I visit the forum quite often to browse through the topics for information, but I don't post a lot. But now I've hit a problem and i could really be helped by your advise. I'm new to ceramics, just stared about 1,5 years ago and I'm learning in the process. Absolutely loving the material en I do sell some of my work at local fairs. Now I'm making a new collection and I'd like to use white matt glaze on the inside of the plates/mugs and a matt colour on the outside. So, I've made a test batch and pulled it out of the oven. there is a lot of tension difference in the glazes and some of the plates/mugs have cracked. a cups clearly shows the inside glaze pulls a lot on the bisc. some of the coloured glaze even 'jumps off' the bisc. Is there any way to make this work? The simple solution obviously would be to only glaze in one colour, but i do like the colours and would like to work with two tones/colours of glaze. These are some pictures of the test batch: Kind regards, Carola The Netherlands
  11. Creativity requires a lot of thinking, self reflection, world orientation, persistant and curiousity. That doesn't make life simple nor difficult. You just need to have a certain personality, a certain view at the world. I would say a potters life is natural to the ones who truely follow their heart
  12. Infinite

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    Showcase of my protos, tests and products I am a designer located in the Netherlands. Recently I have decided to start a business in design items under the name Woaven. All my products are for sale. If you are interested please visit my website or contact me by e-mail. www.woaven.nl info@woaven.nl
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