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  1. Finished COE graphs, alumina to CEC comparison charts. Okay, so I lead a boring life! It is what we Nerds do.

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    2. glazenerd


      LT: think you misread my post. The COE is one graph, and CEC/ alumina is a separate graph.

    3. Magnolia Mud Research

      Magnolia Mud Research

      Ooo Kaaay.    

      Still, such a correlation would be nice.  Measure CEC and get a COE as a bonus. 

    4. glazenerd


      Interesting thought, but sodium, potassium and calcium all exchange at different rates. I do think you could work a loose table off of spars. I have enough data tables, might run that over the winter. My next article is due out in August? I think. The one after that will make your lights go on. <teaser ad>

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