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  1. That is awesome detail work.
  2. @Denice That's a good idea, but if I am going to purchase a wheel, at a minimum I will by the Speedball Artista so I can throw a descent piece as well @Pres & @Joseph Thanks for the links! I like the nature of it I might just dress it up a little since for the first go around because I want to do some fine line sgraffito work at home with the pieces too (haven't tried that yet either so I am really just playing around). The other option I considered is trying to create a foot out of another shape like an octagon or pentagon and just seeing how that would flow into the pieces. I will
  3. Does anyone have experience or have tried trimming pieces without the wheel and creating a foot? I am taking a class but can't get the studio more than once a week. I want to take the mugs that I just threw home so I can manage the moisture and trim/add handles. I don't have a wheel at my house is there an effective technique for trimming off the wheel that I could employ?
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