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  1. Thank you for this info, super helpful. I will take a picture and go in tomorrow (for sunlight) with the multi meter and keep you posted. Thank you again
  2. So I ran the ramp program for probably a little under 5 minutes and smelt burning. Pretty sure I heard 1 click and there was consistent buzzing. The temperature increased from 40 to 65 degrees F. The top 4 coils burned the paper towel, but no others. I'll attach a picture.
  3. I will try and run the ramp/hold program now and let you know what happens.
  4. @neilestrick Good to know about the fuse. I have not heard any buzzing or clicks from the beginning. When I ran the diagnostic test earlier today, I heard a soft buzzing sound on output 2, but no clicks. All I did was simply run the test, and let it go through its 4 Outputs and after that was done in about 5ish minutes or so it said idle, so I assumed it ran through long enough to burn the paper or not.
  5. I definitely did not set up for 3 zone firing. Not entirely sure how to do that at the moment
  6. Hello everyone! After about 3 weeks to finally get parts due to the holiday season, I am able to post back. I ordered a SKUTT 700 series Touchpad Replacement, new harness wiring set and a new transformer since I accidentally ripped one of the fuses out. I successfully installed all of the above and still the same issue! Does not run firing or get hot. Luckily the new circuit board is a major upgrade from my old one, so I am able to now run the diagnostic test. After placing the pieces of paper on the elements and running the program, no papers were burned. However the top 3 bricks/elements were warm whereas all the lower ones were still ice cold. I did hear a buzzing sound when the test reached output 2. Other than that, Im at a loss of what do next. I was hoping replacing any of those things would be the fix to this frustration. Im 99.9% sure I replaced everything correctly. The only thing I was slightly confused was the 2 red wires that connected to the fuse, Ive uploaded a picture from the replacement instructions. Sorry for the impending confusion: When opening up the baffle and looking at my own, my fuse is below the transformer and upside-down, opposite from the instructions diagram. Making that perfectly vertical top attacher on the bottom, and the slightly diagonal one on the top. I went with more how the instructions looked, rather than just attaching it to what shows the top and bottom. Confusing, I know, but Im fairly certain red wire connector #1 and #6 are in their appropriate places. This is just a maybe if there's anything wrong that could be making the entire kiln not work, but I don't think this is actually the case, so just disregard this paragraph : ) Hoping someone can help what to do next. Not sure if that means I need to replace all the elements? Looking forward to hearing from anyone!!!
  7. Okay great. I ordered a rewiring kit and already have a pair of crimpers. Hopefully this might do the trick. Ill post back when the parts come in. Thanks again!
  8. Sorry, got caught up in holiday activities to write back. Wow thanks for everyones response! I don't have a lot of knowledge when it comes to kilns and repairs, so im a bit overwhelmed with all this info. If I do purchase a replacement circuit board, I will make sure to verify that its compatible with my current kiln. But for starters I should replace these rusted terminals and see what happens?
  9. Hope these pictures are a little better. Ive found this circuit board replacement on The Ceramic Shop for $255, not the worst in the world. Would this newest 700 series be compatible with my old kiln? I could ask the kiln technicians on the website. I tried to wiggle #2 and #6 tighter, but it does look a little undone compared to the others in the picture.
  10. Today in NY its 40 degrees F, I tried the mini space heater on the inside and a space heater on the outside trying to ensure everything's extra warm. Still no luck. I opened up the control box and circuit board and from what I can see I feel like everything looks relatively normal. No broken or loose wires, no thing ultra rusted or corroded. Ive attached pictures of everything, maybe Im missing something and one of you can see the problem. I feel like its more than a temperature problem at this point, its definitely warm enough and I fired the other day in much colder weather. Im not sure where to start on what to try and fix/ replace next. I will probably try and give SKUTT a call, although i don't know what they would tell me that's different than the great advice you've all been saying over the past few days. Once again thank you for the help and assistance
  11. So here's a picture of my kilns control box. Naturally I can't find my manual. I looked on Skutts website of manuals, and Im pretty positive its "KilnMaster Manual For Kilns Manufactured Between November 1999 And August 2006" An oldie that doesn't have the MENU button to be able to run a diagnostic test like Bill mentioned. It says 41 degree F because I had a little space heater inside, Its currently 25 degrees F outside. I opened the control box and briefly checked the wires. From what I saw everything looked normal, and nothing looked broken. Maybe I'll try wiggling the wires to make them tighter. I just fired the day before, so I'm not sure what would randomly come loose in a day. But who knows.
  12. Still no luck I have a mini space heater going on the inside, the bricks are nice and hot along with the thermocouple. I did the hair dryer on the top and bottom of the vents for a good 15 mins. The control panel said the current temp was 185 degrees F. I tried firing and still the same result, no buzzing no increase in temperature and basically just idle. I thought heating everything up would help, but unfortunately no difference.
  13. No error code at all, just the current temperature after I press start. Ive turned on and off the power multiple times and still the same outcome. I think ill try Neils advice with the hairdryer directly on top of the control box along with space heaters . Nothing like this has happened before, and I usually fire when its cold, just not this extreme cold. Its just strange that after I press start, it seems like its working but nothing happens after a few minutes.
  14. Thank you to everyone who has given feedback! Ive tried a combination of everyones advice. Space heaters on the control panel, and a tiny space heater inside the kiln trying to warm up the thermocouple and bricks. Unfortunately nothing has seemed to work. With a space heater on the inside temp would read around 120 degrees F on the control panel, and The kiln just does not run at all. The power works, I can see the current temp, but nothing further happens, no buzzes or clicks or increase in temperature. I think its just too cold outside, today was 12 degrees F outside, and no matter what it still knows its freezing out. I just hope there is no permanent damage. I plan to try and fire when its a bit warner next week in the upper 40's. Once again thank you to all, unfortunately I couldn't get it to work this time around. Fingers crossed for next week
  15. I have an old KM-1027 that fires great, I just fired yesterday in NY's 30 degree F weather and had no problems. Today as it got colder in the 20's my kiln is not operating properly. It turns on, but doesn't run the desired program after I press start. I thought it was running when I set and left for work. But I came back to a cold unfired kiln. Its kept covered outside in a little shed. Obviously its freezing cold and read you have to warm up the control system with a space heater etc. for it to function. I have 2 heaters going on the control panel. Its currently at 45-49 degrees F, and I tried to run the firing, but nothing happens. No buzzes or clicks like when its functioning properly. While the firing in "running" The control panel shows the temperature rising by a degree or two, but its from the heaters. Is my control panel damaged from the cold? Do I have to keep waiting for it to warm up a even more? Was it on for too long during the day that it needs some time to rest? Of course this would happen as I have a deadline. Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated :)
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