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  1. There is an a technique used in China, Japan and Korea that you might be able to use. 




    This may be what you are looking for, but searches of utube or other sources may give you quite a few things to think about.  John Baymore knows much more about this than I, and will probably chime in as time allows.





    I admire those of you that has patience enough to do products on the wheel, for myself making me mold is much easier. See what my molds can produce.



  2. DO NOT use grease, WD-40, vaseline or any other oil-based substance like suggested above, as your mold release.  The whole point of using plaster is to take advantage of the capillary/wicking action of the material, to pull water from the clay and set it up faster - if you go and use something oil-based as a mold release, you've now clogged the pores and severely diminished capillary action, if any at all.  


    Use actual "mold soap" or purelube/greensoap, which are the products that should be available from any ceramics supply.  Alternative is diluted Murphy's Oil Soap.


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