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  1. Thanks - I think you're right - a bad connection on the cone sitter.
  2. Thanks for your responses - it is much appreciated! I went back and started playing around with all the switches (no method) and voila - I really have no idea what I did but it seems to be working reliably now! Maybe I dislodged some dust or something, but the operating lights come on and I have heat! Thanks again!
  3. Hi all I have recently purchased a Cone Art Model 1822 Kiln (manual with a cone sitter). I'm very excited to get going, but alas - I can't get the thing working! I followed the electrical supply through the system with a voltmeter; checking the kiln sitter plunger switch; the timer switch; and the infinite switch - all in both on and off positions. Everything looked in order ie. voltage detected when on, none detected when off. I also checked for power running into the elements - it's there, yet no heat is being generated!!!! (after 11/2 hours) (I don't understand!!!) The red operation lights, connected through the infinity switch, show power going to them, and also do not turn on (I figured this was because of a burnt out bulbs, but now, ???). I had to change the elements (came with the unit) because there was a break in one of them - I took pictures and feel confident I rewired properly (took pictures and understood it - plus - there's power going to it...) I'm so confused as to why this isn't working and would appreciate any feedback anyone can give me. Thanks! gay
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