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    ayjay got a reaction from mousey in 'lava' Glaze: Silicon Carbide Vs Barium Sulfate   
    I've recently started playing with SC, my first test only used 3.4% SC and fired to ^6 it was white. (There's also a  bit of green glaze showing at the top). Using more SC has just given me a nasty black result.   I would try reducing the amount of SC.

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    ayjay got a reaction from Babs in Milk Bath?   
    Ayjay looks around, and leaves again:  complete with smug grin.    
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    ayjay reacted to GEP in Ethics Of Selling Repaired Raku Forms   
    As a teacher I've seen many pieces made by those whose design ideas are more advanced than their understanding of clay as a material. I was that type of potter once. You will be much happier when you put the needs of the material and the process first, once you see all the vast possibilities that exist within that, and design within those parameters.
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