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    Pottery! I also love hand -spinning yarn, walking and studying nature.
  1. Hoping the Kiln God has been good to me. 1 hour to kiln opening!

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    2. oldlady


      actually, nerd is correct. lots of pics.

    3. Mark (Marko) Madrazo
    4. Babs


      Good luck, how long can an hour be?

      Advice given on this forum" go make some pots!"

  2. Spent the first day of the new year making pots. Such a happy day.

  3. Kiln broken! :-( Turned my attention to glaze making research.

  4. Waiting for my kiln to cool down. It's like torture.

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    2. Babs


      The advice given to me was to go make more pots! Kinda works...

    3. glazenerd


      When I am testing new glaze additions, I get that hurry up feeling.

    4. alabama


      We are waiting with you..Babs is right to make more vessels. It makes the time seem shorter!

  5. Thanks for this- I was searching this forum for a very similar problem. Off to fix my wheel squeak now! :-D
  6. Just threw off the hump for the first time. Can't wait to get more clay to try a larger amount! A very exciting evening all round. :-D

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    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      Congrats! It is a major time saver when producing small pieces.


    3. Pres


      Major time saver-when doing things like chalice bowls, stems and small vessels.

    4. alabama


      Throwing off the hump isn't for me. I usually make knobs off the hump. The last time I made copies of 17th century tax accessor's ink wells with small handles on each side.

      That worked pretty good.

  7. Thanks for posting links to your pinterest boards everyone, I'm throughly enjoying looking through them all. Clay instruments?! A very exciting discovery. :-D
  8. I'm always on pinterest looking for inspiration or creating my mood boards. I love it. Here's my ceramics board if you want to see! I'd love links to others too. :-) https://www.pinterest.com/SpinCityUK/pottery/
  9. Wow! That must have taken you ages! They look great. I'm making mugs too, I thought 16 was alot!
  10. Hey Mark C! It was the nut - I found this helpful PDF and loosened things a bit. https://www.potclays.co.uk/studio/files/cms/pages/downloads/shimpo-rk3e/download-list-files-30-4.pdf?nocache=20151025214433 Now it is a smooth as a baby! Thanks for your help. Louise
  11. hey - I know this is about a Shimpo not a Brent, but I'm trying to help my Mum with her wheel issues. She has got a Shimpo VL Whisper, and her pedal is really sticky. It is very hard to depress, and as such difficult to change the speeds. I've sprayed some machine oil on, but it is still hard to push down. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  12. This is an interesting challenge. I'm going to try and take part. Now to my sketchbook! :-D
  13. Hello everyone :-) So, my response would be that art is the point. Then I would go on very enthusiastically about how creating and being interested in the world around you and responding to that through personal practice is one of the most joyous and thrilling things to do. To immerse yourself in making art, to really study it and discover techniques that excite you, to test your skill and to improve is very rewarding. It can keep you awake at night with endless thoughts of possibility. It can help you feel peaceful and centred. It can give you a sense of purpose and achievement. It can make
  14. Hey Celia! I've planned to come along to the show tomorrow with another pottery obsessed friend, so perhaps I will see you there. :-D
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