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  1. Thank you all for your responses, all helpful. I will not worry about it for now and make the stamps. I've done many searches for Cattail Tile, and I'm pretty sure no one has it out there. I bought the domain name, but have not developed a website. Rounded corners on the logo a good suggestion, thanks Giselle. I will soon register for my tax ID number in PA, and go through the process of being an official business, and hopefully in the near future make more money at this than I am putting into it. Having a great time in the mean time. Thanks for your thoughts. Steph
  2. I have recently set up my new studio, but new to the world of selling my work. I have a small etsy shop, and have sold about 20 things....Trying to get more organized and professional with my branding, logo, presentation. I am not a potter, just tiles. I am developing a stamp to imprint on the back of my tiles (2-3" whole logo) and would also like to develop a small stamp (1/2- 3/4") for smaller tiles and something that might be visible on the front of some things. Is there a more official name for these little logo stamps? Ceramic marks? My question is this: How do I know if my logo is similar to others ceramic artists' stamps. Is there an archive somewhere, or do I need to go through copy write possess to find out? My proposed stamp is attached, as well as my logo for my shop "Cattail Tile" The stamp just takes the 2 T's ,and dots from the larger logo. It is not terribly unique or creative symbol, but I like it, and I figure it has to be simple to be recognizable so small. I tried a site that visually searches images for anything out there on the web, and it said my image was too simple to search. Ideas? Should I not worry about it and just do it? Does this symbol look familiar to anyone (other than it looking like the Pi symbol with 3 square dots) ?
  3. Hi, I'm new. Newly set up studio in garage...connected the kiln, focusing on tiles, still learning. I work with Standard 420 and 547 clay with lots of grog, and will fire to cone 6. I want to make some really earthy matte floor tiles, and am having a hard time finding matte glazes. The color range I am interested in is cream, burnt sienna , terra cotta (slightly pink?), earthy orange, mossy green, straw?. Attached is a pic.with colors that I love, but it is on a cement tile. Any suggestions on how to get this look- rustic texture and lovely variation on field tiles? It would be cool if these glazes blended/layered nicely with each other. Would they be sprayed on (I've never done that)? What about colorants to the clay and a clear matte glaze on top. I have little experience with colorants. I have never mixed my own glazes, but may be willing to learn (or have my local ceramic supplier mix them for me). Thanks very much. Happy to have this forum! Steph
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