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  1. Was hoping for a frit suggestion(s) and the percentage to add to an oxide to begin experimenting...
  2. Interested in creating a wash by adding a frit to red iron oxide, black iron oxide, Spanish red iron oxide, yellow iron oxide, etc. The wash will be brushed on either a greenware or bisque surface. The clay body is HighWater's Bella's Blend and will be fired at cone 05. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. I apologize…to Alabama, Neil, Joel, and thank Min… I did not understand that I was asking for a formula of a clay body called “crank†and may also be called “chamotte†that would be protected by a supplier of such a body. I guess I thought it would be generic or common information. I have seen pictures of the clay body and have always wanted to see how it might feel and how it might react to hand building. I understand it is almost too rough to throw. I work between cone 05 and cone 6. Fire in an electric kiln. Create 12"x12", 12"x18" box forms that are mounted on a wall. Suggestions of the amount of grog I might add to an existing body and maybe what the limits might be between clay body and grog. Alabama suggest 35%-50% .. will give that a try… Also, suggestions on particle size might be helpful, also. I will try the formula suggested also: Petalite 40.5% Feldspar 4.5% Ball Clay 31.5% Stoneware Clay 13.5% XX Sagger or Fireclay 10% TOTAL 100 % Thanks again …..
  4. Thanks again........ I am not looking to create a stoneware body with some grog........ I want a FORMULA for crank clay..... I am not looking for a body that is sorta like crank clay.... I want to mix, thus the formula, a crank clay body....
  5. Thanks... Yes I understand that Crank Clay is a highly gorged sculpture body. Most clay suppliers cary one or more sculpture bodies with grog. I an sure any one would mix a body for me. I am, as listed in my request, searching for a formula(s) for a crank clay body(s). With a formula for crank clay, I would mix a sample and then could have it mixed in bulk Thanks again...
  6. Crank Clay is used as a sculpture body .... I am located in central Florida, USA I checked with Bath Pottery Supply for a US supplier of the body. They could not provide one. Any help will be appreciated.
  7. I will appreciate a formula for body that would be considered "Crank Clay". I understand it is a highly groged body - (also known as firesand and chamotte). I would like to mix a body similar to one available in the UK. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  8. Joe Mitchell

    Wall Sculpture

    Ceramic - multi-fired ceramic pieces - glaze, underglaze - rust - shatter proof glass - copper pieces
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