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I have been passionate about clay and glaze chemistry since 1991, when I studied with Adrienne Yurick in NYC. Initially combining wheel-thrown and sculptural work, I now hand-build exclusively. My finishing techniques include inducing a fair amount of texture and the utilization of glazes that have an inherent variability.


For several years, I enjoyed teaching handbuilding for adults and children at Frog Hollow Studio in Burlington VT while working in my home studio. Now, for the first time in 20 years, all of my creativity, stamina and time can be dedicated to my art.


As the daughter of a botanist, my connection to plants and flowers began at an early age. After years of celebrating them in 2-D, I now choose to immerse myself more fully in form and sculpture. Although always an observer, my new practice entails a focus which makes me aware of things that earlier were unnoticed. I am now so much more involved in the passing of “prettiness†and the beauty in the Autumn garden that others only see as a mess to cleanup. Might my own life-stage have much to do with this?


The Poppy Seed Pod used in my logo, is a perfect example. It is amazingly intricate and beautiful showcasing visual and tactile interests as only mature nature can do.


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