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  1. I completely see the point in your question. It's a smart craftsman should always have several answers to common problems. I haunt different potters kilns as often as I can and it's forced me to get into the habit of using wadding in all cases, even in my own cone 6 electric.

    No problem.

    By mixing up a small batch and keeping it wrapped up and in tupperware is keeps just fine for months. As far as cost goes, it's cheap, less than 3 bucks a batch and it will save hundreds of dollars worth of work from becoming worthless. Well worth the effort and cost.

    Ceramic Arts Daily has an article with a tried and tested wadding recipe that works great and knocks off easily. Here's the link...

    The only difference is that I don't prefire the wads like they do in the article, just use it like normal wads and call it good.

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