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  1. I completely see the point in your question. It's a smart craftsman should always have several answers to common problems. I haunt different potters kilns as often as I can and it's forced me to get into the habit of using wadding in all cases, even in my own cone 6 electric. No problem. By mixing up a small batch and keeping it wrapped up and in tupperware is keeps just fine for months. As far as cost goes, it's cheap, less than 3 bucks a batch and it will save hundreds of dollars worth of work from becoming worthless. Well worth the effort and cost. Ceramic Arts Daily has an article with
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    Your blog is wonderful!

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    Putting the finishing touches on a cairn.
  4. Kiln vents, (aside from removing lots of nasty stuff from your kiln room,) are particularly useful for creating that oxidation atmosphere that is your electric kiln's strength. We always play to the strengths of our kiln. For the cash... a kiln vent is totally worth the money.
  5. Hey Keith, just poke'n around figuring out where all the buttons are.

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