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    Photography, pottery, gardening and working. I am a systems analyst and never see myself ever quitting. I have seen people retire and come back to keep their minds busy.

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By trade I am a Systems Analyst. By hobby I am a novice potter. I am so new I find it strange to call myself a potter. I got my wheel February 2013 and the kiln November 2013. Kiln was hooked up July 2015. My first bisque was September 27, 2015. I have been throwing since 2010. I make things for friends and family. I try to attend classes in my area when I can.


My mother introduced me to pottery in 1998 and passed on before I could get a good understanding of the process. It took me 12 years to come back to it and I have not stopped.


One of my biggest finds amongst my mother's tools was her finger prints in clay on her wire cutter handles and wooden caliper. I will shadow box them to pass on to the family member that takes interest in pottery, along with all my equipment. But until then, I want to throw as much as I can. And put smiles on as many folks as I can, with my gifts to them.

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