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  1. Im on the market for a good wheel. i have used the Shimpo vl whisper and love it. i was wondering because ill probably start doing larger pots so i dont want torque to mess things up. im looking at a shimpo vl whiper and rk whiper ( http://www.bennettpottery.com/pdfs/2013/P33-35.pdf ) and a skutt prodigy ( http://www.theceramicshop.com/store/product/2807/Skutt-Prodigy-Pottery-Wheel/?gclid=CjwKEAjwsvmvBRCT5ozK-dmY7D4SJACyIoJmOZsGHBUNKvAMehqsykzyBtfyBKliX2gd3ndAwkik0xoCi0rw_wcB )
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