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    Pottery, Art painting oil & Acrylic, photography, metal work welding of, gas or arc, also trying to learn electric guitar, as you can see too many things on the go, won't be good at any, but enjoying trying, at my age 73 I'm trying to make up for lost time.
  1. 'JBaymore' Welcome back to clay... and welcome TO to the CAD Forum. Great story....thanks for sharing. Maybe you can copy/paste some of this story into your main Profile here on the Forums? Paperclay is pretty easy to fire... just expect a bit of a "stink" more than normal as the organics burn off early in the firing. best, ...............john Hello John, Thank you, and for the suggestions. You have raised a thought just currently going through my mind, that is the paper burn off in firing, I'm living in a fairly densely populated area now, and smoke as in burning rubbish etc is not permitted, going back about ten years when I first started kiln firing my rear fence backed onto open land, but now it has all been built on with domestic homes right up to my rear fence, so I'm thinking until I experience a paperclay firing I might be better to start with say one or two paperclay items, these won't be large, mixed with maybe earthenware or terracotta items, and hopefully a minimum of smoke, I'm also wondering what are the risks of failure if glaze firing green paperclay. Regards. Davic.
  2. 'Idaho Potter' Welcome to the forums and welcome back to clay! I've been working with paperclay for about 10 years, and a couple of years ago took the workshop with Graham Hay and Rosette Gault. As you get acquainted with your new medium, remember that it is just clay--with additives. You can work it dry to dry and/or wet on wet. It tends to show mold build-up if left languishing for too long, but a little bleach takes care of that. Enjoy your time playing in the mud with the rest of us kids. Thank you Idaho Potter, You have confirmed a couple of things about paperclay that has appealed to me, and yes I still remember getting into trouble over playing in mud, that was quite some time ago.
  3. 'lynny' Hi how nice your in Victoria- the High Country is amazingly beautiful. I was a painter for (and teacher of the subject) for 25 years so have done A LOT of paintings. Once I touched clay my brushes havnt come out of the studio enjoy regards, Lynny Lynny, including yourself we have a lot of multi talented people here. Although I can't believe I would stop painting, it might be different if I had done the amount of work you have, but then I'm reminded of the saying never say never, which I have been stupid enough to say before now. Davic. ( Dave)
  4. 'lynny' Hi like the other comments, I loved your story and hope you have a wonderful experience with sculptural clay. welcome regards from Mansfield, Victoria- Australia Lyn Hello Lynny, well a fellow Victorian I see, never been quite as high as your area, but I believe it's quite Picturesque, ideal to get some photos one of these days for my other hobby, that being painting as in art, again quite a novice at this also, about 3 years, thank you for your comments.
  5. 'Chris Campbell' It's OK to post links to informational sites ... Just not to promote commercial sites with sales as the goal. Hmmm ... Did that make sense? Welcome!! Thank you Chris, I had a quick look at that site and your's, both very interesting, thanks for that. If you are interested Google " Paperclay Sculpture with Ian Gregory," click on the top header on Paperclay, I don't know if his style is unconventional but I have used his approach completely, I must admit I'm a bit worried about aluminium, wooden dowel, and bubble wrap as it burns off on firing and giving off gas, I can only assume it dispurses through the clay as it changes from greenware to bisque, but there's a lot of gas there, but it apparently works for the man himself, I hope to find out in a few weeks time anyway.
  6. 'Arnold Howard' Davic, that is one of the best stories I've read in an Internet forum. Thanks for introducing yourself. Sincerely, Arnold Howard Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA ahoward@paragonweb.com / www.paragonweb.com Thank you also Arnold, sometimes you think things like that are destiny, or is there something more, but it was a very enjoyable time with her.
  7. 'Denice' Welcome back to clay and it was a wonderful story, I hope to be that elderly lady some day still being fresh and creative working in my studio. Denice Hello Denice, Thank you, and I also hope you will too, just don't be in a hurry to get to that stage though, it all comes too quick, enjoy what you create each time.
  8. name='buckeye' Being brand new to the forum I thought I would take a minute to introduce myself, I hope its ok to post this here. I would love to hear from others, how you got into this, if you do it for fun or do it for a living if you throw more functional or decorative pieces etc. anything! I want to hear it Hello Buckeye, I got started about 10 years ago, it started by coincidence, I had no prior knowledge or interest in ceramics at all, but one day a lady friend of my wife had just hired a pottery wheel, she was in the very early learning stages and was having problems centering the clay, we were watching her as she tried to give us a demo, she gave up and said to me you have a go and see what you think of it, I did manage it after a few attempts, it was only about 2 pound of clay, anyway I did manage a crude small pot, after that is started to interest me to the point where I hired a wheel also and found it very fascinating, enough then to buy my own wheel, mainly used terracotta clay, making Vases, urns, garden type pots etc, sold a few through a shop, but got frustrated with not having my own kiln, the community centre where I took my pottery for firing made errors, like opening the kiln too quick after firing, other peoples items exploding and taking mine with them, so I built my own kiln LPG gas fired, I actually gave it up after about 2 years, which is now 8 years ago, I finished up donating around 100 pieces to the Animal welfare society for them to sell through their shop, I simply ran out of room, it's ok making them but you either need to sell or donate, it doesn't take too long to run out of room, most of these items were thrown from 8 to 12 pounds of clay, I couldn't do that size at this stage, I've lost the touch, so I'll start smaller again and get bigger as I get the feel of the clay again, and as you now know I have made a late come back re- my first post and introduction on this forum.
  9. name='buckeye' wonderful story! Glad to hear you got inspired. Thanks Buckeye, Yes better late than too late I hope, is that a Lab or Golden retriever with you.
  10. name 'Heidi' Greetings from Cape Town. What an enjoyable introduction (story). Good luck with the firing and please post pictures. Hello Heidi, thank you, I must take pictures before even firing, just in case of complete failure, it will be a few weeks before I do any firing as I am going to pull my gas kiln down and make it smaller something like 8 cubic feet, lpg gas here is too dear around $115 a bottle so I want max efficiency.
  11. My name is Davic, just joined the forum today, I am 73 years old, and located in Australia, originally from the UK, arrived in Australia at 14 years old. I'm attempting to make a come back to pottery from about 10 years ago, I have always enjoyed wheel work, it's surprising how I have forgotten some of the basics that I learnt, not that I had learnt that much as I'm self taught, and probably developed a bad style anyway. But only a few days ago I discovered something new for me, being sculpture of clay, just when you think you have tried most things at my age, then by sheer coincidence something new jumps up, my wife and I were paying our respects to a deceased friend, we travel to a country town about one and a half hours away and tidy his grave site each year, as we were leaving we had a look at the old house where he used to live, I said to my wife I wish someone next door would just step out, I would love to ask them what they remembered about him, and the next moment this elderly lady stepped out onto her lawn, I think we both sort of smiled at each other at the same time, I explained why I had stopped the car here, she couldn't remember our friend's name but it could have been before her time, then I noticed a sign almost hidden behing bushes, it said pottery, I said are you the pottery lady, she replied yes would you like to come in and have a look, how could I resist such an offer, she said call your wife over, well her Studio was absolutey inspiring, it was built like a conservatory, I know those in the UK will be familiar with conservatory term, benches every where, incredible natural light, electric 8 cubic feet kiln, and the most amazing pottery items that I have ever seen, this 82 year old lady was building these figures using paper clay, a term I had never heard of, and beautiful glaze colours, she said to me why don't you try it, I didn't give it any serious thought at that stage, but after getting home I started thinking about it, and by conicidence I searched Google looking under paper clay, and found a very informative article from the UK, I won't give a link unless anyone asks me as I'm not sure if it would be an infringement of this forum, but I have just built my 1st model in paper clay, it stands 12" tall, still only greenware at this stage, I'll be as nervous on firing it as I was waiting for my German Shepherd to have her pups. This is very long for an introduction, so my apologies, but you probably know what us olduns are like when we get going.
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