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  1. I agree that salt fired pots are durable with the sodium aluminum silicate glaze formed on them in the firing. I don’t think the alumina and silica from the clay body interact with the sodium to the same degree with a wash in cone 6 electric firings as happens in a salt (or soda) firing. What temperature is a traditional salt/soda firing? Does anyone do cone 6 salt/soda firing (the traditional way in a gas kiln)? Or is cone 6 just not hot enough for the chemicals to interact properly? (Sorry if this is a basic question - I looked online but I can't seem to find a cone # for traditio
  2. Hello everyone, I've been reading about using a soda-ash wash fired to cone 5-6 on bare clay to give it a slight shine. Would this be ok to use on dinnerware as long as the clay beneath was vitrified? Would the surface be too soft and scratch/fade/dissolve in the dishwasher? Even if I use a liner on the inside I'm still worried about the outside surface changing over time. Does anyone here used soda/salt glazes on functional work? How do they behave? Any information/experience would be appreciated!
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