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  1. Shelly M I have two earthenware pieces already glazed and fired to ^05 that turned out poorly. I want to reglaze and refire them (^05) but don't have any other low fire pieces to put in the kiln. Can I put these two pieces in with my BISQUE fire load of cone 5-6 pieces and fire them to ^05 along with my bisque? Or will the speed (slow) of the bisque fire and the organic matter that burns out of the clay affect the low fire glaze?

  2. I am looking for a white slip recipe to use on a red earthenware clay body. Any suggestions?

    1. Shelly M

      Shelly M

      thank you. still getting the hang of how to use the forums.

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  3. I had a small test tile melt glaze onto the shelf. I was able to chisel most of it off but there is still a small amount of glaze adhered to the shelf. Can I kiln wash over that 1-inch spot or does every bit of glaze have to be removed?

    1. Shelly M

      Shelly M

      thank you all for your replies. guess i'll be grinding away!


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