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  1. Hi all, im a newby and I really need some help! I have been decorating bisque with Ez underglazes and Duncan French dimensions pens. When I dip them in the dipping glaze some, and it's def not all, of the writing done with the French dimensions pens is running and smudging a lot. In several instances some did and some didn't even on one piece of bisqueware. I have asked a few people in the know but they say they haven't heard of it before. I'm wondering if I am getting something fundamentally wrong? If I held it in the glaze for too long or something? The damage occurs immediately after dipping ie, I can see it's gone horribly wrong before they get anywhere near the kiln! They had been left to dry for ages before being dip glazed. In one case it was weeks, could this be the prob? Any thoughts so much appreciated cos I love using the pens but I'm scared to ruin any more work! Thanks for your time! Ps the dipping glaze isn't one I mixed myself, it's still in the original tub it came in. I did stir it gently before dipping.
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