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  1. It was a cone 04 standard Mocha clay, to be followed by a cone 05 firing.
  2. I did not have 06 cone in the fire, so I am only assuming it was about 06 since the 04 and 05 cones on the cooler bottom shelf barely bent but they did bend slightly, so it has to be cooler than 05. IF it was in actuality cooler than 06 will they still be ok or will there be lots of gasses to come out in the glaze fire? These are not my pieces so I did not know if I should refire
  3. i just read that somewhere in my searching the topic about loading the middle shelf more. thanks for your help
  4. 04-06 clay,Mocha I think Standard, not my pieces. 05 Glaze fire.
  5. my middle shelf bisque fired to hotter than 04 while the bottom shelf was cooler than 05, the cones for 04 and 05 bent slightly so I ASSUME it was probably around 06. I set the firing at 05 because my kiln is firing a bit hot on the top and middle shelves but now the bottom is underfiring. Is over 04 too hot for bisque?
  6. Brilliant about the maple syrup, I was thinking to try it since I dont have Caro on hand,,,THANK YOU
  7. I just forgot to turn on my vent switch also and did not realize until I woke up this morning, when the glaze fire was finished and at 1400 degrees. I turned on the vent and removed the top peep hole plug for a minute then replaced it. What do yo think the effect will be? My kiln is in my basement, I dont smell anything. My big concern is that I put in for the first time glazed greenware as an experiment after reading lots of pros and cons about it, including concern about the gasses. I put them on the top shelf , which was suggested by someone. I don't know way because the vent is from the bottom. I had other pieces in the kiln also (some of which are not my own!) I am afraid I have made the grossest error. It was a low fire glaze, no red glazes.
  8. I did the same thing last night. Was firing to cone 5 but only had witness cones 5.5 and 6 available, placed on top shelf. Cones bent very slightly which verified it did not reach cone 5.5. The kiln computer temp says it fired at 2171 degrees, which is 4 degrees hotter than what my tech chart says is a cone 5 temperature. If the temperature was correct can I assume the fire was cone 5?
  9. and OMG...I just got, (meaning comprehended) the HOTMAIL comment by MIN: I thought it was a type-0! this is the same brain that has to try absorb all of this!!!
  10. thanks for your advice, ill have to read more of the manual for that, I've only had 3 bisque and two glaze firings so far and only had to program for those simple choice settings (slow bisque with preheat, and a slow glaze...the rest is still a bit overwhelming for me, but thats what the manual is for, and I suppose my brain, so this too I can learn!! Thanks for being there for us!!
  11. one more thing...would I do it as just preheat to 350 then a hold of 30 minutes?
  12. and yes it does, that makes sense, that the venting should help! I like that
  13. Thanks.. I see he said "Go for it", but separately he said food vapors? could affect things, so I m not sure if the slight fogging/ film issue is what you mean that maybe that could linger in the kiln and then be released back onto my pottery later? Thanks...
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