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  1. Oh wow that looks really pretty, I love the combo too, very nice.
  2. The inside of my bowls I poured in the glaze, rolled it around and then poured what was left into an old failed mug and use that to glaze the outside. On the outside of the pots I used small to medium sized Japanese Hake brushes and brushed my glaze on. I dip my bush in the glaze and slosh it around good, the hard part is resisting the urge to wipe the brush off on the side of the cup I put my glaze in. Having the brush dripping with glaze on both side of the brush will get a couple nice thick strokes in before needing to dip my brush again. I brush each coat on in a different direction, b
  3. None of my tile samples worked, I made them all with three coats, I tried 4 and 5 coats on my pots which have all turned out well except for running, especially the ancient jasper. This first one has 5 coats, as you can see there was a lot of running but the colour is perfect. . Hahaha this is a funny glitch no matter what I do this photo won't post upside right . . . Sorry This one has four coats, less running colour is still okay but still some drips. when I did the three coats it was like you said muddy all of theses were fired to cone 6, all holes and lid closed tight a
  4. For the pendents my kids made I used one kiln brick sliced in three. The centre support will prevent them from sliding into one another. After glazing, before you put them on the rod I suggest you clean the pendent hole well with a Q-tip so the glaze doesn't run and stick to the rod.
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