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    My Great wife and Family and Playing in clay. I Love music and about any type of Art. Want to produce and Sell architectural ceramic art, fireplace fronts and the like and sculpted sinks.

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I have a B.A in Art From M.W.S.U. from forever ago. I have been trying to produce and market architectual ceramics since 1999. I want to do carved fireplace fronts, backsplashes and murals. I have been close a few times to making a go of it but this small detail of paying bills interuped the advance. I am looking for help from other artists on marketing stratagies and web site information and how to get this stuff out of my basement and into peoples homes. Any information on technic and time saving steps are always needed. I would be glad to help any other clay monger if I can by sharing the few things I have learned. I am a finish carpenter, ceramic tile setter and basic all around repair person. I am currently working (thank God) as a maintenance man at a small college taking care of their plumbing needs and whatever else needs attention. I believe the world conspires to help us and the only limits we have are the ones we constuct in our own minds.

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