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  1. thanks so much for replying Mark. Yes my work is thick, so I shall go to dial 6-8 hours, and shall leave the lid cracked for a few hours. Yes please to emailing me the instructions, they may be the same as those I have but worth a shot for more clarity on using the SET function in the recommended fire as above. My address is jane@janewelshart.com.au thanks again, the electrician is coming today to finalise, and I'm hoping to do an empty test fire today... yippee!
  2. Hi I have been sculpting for years, but just getting into firing with no training. I have a Gare 1820A and kiln sitter LT 3KS, and I understand (kinda) most of the instruction manual, though I'm finding it contradicting itself, and thus I am confused. i understand the kiln sitter part, that that controls the max temp with the cone inserted. As for the kiln instructions... It says "For routine firings, simply turn the Fire-Right Automatic kiln switch on, set the desired turn up time, and let it do its job automatically. The numbers on the dial are approximate hours. A setting of "5" will turn up the kiln from off to full within about 5 hours....... When it is desired to set the kiln manually, use the "SET" position of the control knob to turn the kiln at a rate of 1% per second. For example, to set the kiln on "low" overnight (approximately 30%on), move the knob to "set" for 30 seconds... three operations of the "heating" light.... then return the knob to the "hold" position. When ready to complete the firing, move the knob to the desired turn up time". Then later it says in recommended settings; "Ceramic Fire (bisque and glazes) all peepholes closed 1. set FireRight- 30% power (3 flashes on heat indicator light) 2.move dial to #4 3. kiln will continue to fire until Kiln sitter shuts off" I assumed that the gradual turn up means you don't need a "candling", so you could just use the automatic function. But it is suggesting to set on 30% power, but it does not say for how long. Is that overnight candling, or how long? Or is this just meaning that a bisque firing only requires 30% of power for the whole cycle? Previously it said just use the auto turn up, so why here recommend the set function?.... confusion!! Another question, I have seen a youtube video of an earlier model and others who recommend to keep the lid ajar for a couple of hours, is that necessary with this graduated increase in power/temp? Thanks SO much, if you can shed any light on this
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