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  1. So, this will sound a little silly, but use a lot of gentle soap and a nail brush (Gently) after you throw. Got all the little bits of clay. In my case, this is more important after a glazing session than a clay session. Then use Neosporin-type cream.... Then use a bit more of the neosporin cream at bedtime... really working it into the nail bed and the cuticle. (If you have any skin allergies... be careful of the bag balm. I'm terribly allergic to bag balm... my hands swell and buff up - itch! horrible!)
  2. Love love love my Thomas Stuart. Really love it. I have a whole drilled, and the slop just drains into a bucket - never have to fiddle with a two part splash pan that no longer fits well. I can throw all day and be as messy as I want without ever having to empty anything other than the bucket. At the end of a long day, I use a rubber rib to clean up chunks, and pour a half gallon of clean water around the pan, and let it drain. The wheel head is secure, but pops right off when you need it to. There is a wheel extension, so you can throw on really large bats if you want that option. I
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