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  1. Thanks for the response. I have 12 key kiln and I use slow glaze auto setting, should I be using slow bisque option?? So far I have got 5 platters develop cracks, I studied all of them today and found that crack is at different spots, they did not crack through n through(except one). Would it matter if the platter was not kept in the center of the kiln but on the side?? attaching pic to show the shape of the platter n crack. Thanks!! Ruchi
  2. It is not consistently developing at one spot. It is at times in the centre, or around the edge. Also it at times develops just at one side of the platter ( not visible the other side). How do I attach image to this post??
  3. Hi, I slip cast my work using low fire clay. I fire three times, Bisque and glaze at cone 05 and decals at cone 010. I am having problem with one particular slip casted platter consistently. In third firing (cone 010) this style develops hairline crack. Not all the pieces develop the crack but lately 3 out of 4 have, which implies I am doing something wrong, but I am not able to figure out what? I glaze the whole platter ( inside out) balancing it on triangular firing stilt and they are fine after glaze firing. It is the last cone 010 firing for decal that the crack appears. As the crack is not sharp and glaze seems to bend inwards I gather it happens at the early stage of firing. Please advice.
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