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  1. Work bench surface:  Hi Neil!  You've written on other posts that your excellent work bench surface is 3/4" MDF with 5-6 coats of Linseed Oil.  I'd like to copy your method, and am currently planning a to build a workbench.  Quick question, does the MDF need to be on top of a sheet of plywood so that it won't sag or warp, or is that not necessary?  My workbench will be 3' x 8' with 4x4" legs and  2x4" braces.   Thank you! ---Nan

    1. NanS


      OK -- Just researched further, and saw that I should put some braces underneath for more support.  I'm going to add this to my plan and scratch my previous message, I think I'm good. ( - :   Thanks nevertheless for the design idea. 

    2. neilestrick


      If you use 3/4" MDF it will be just fine without plywood under it.

    3. NanS


      OK Great thanks for the reply!


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