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  1. Hi Neil,

    I just finished a glaze firing to Cone 6 in my small manual electric kiln. I used Coyote Cone 6 glazes in a SNO Industries kiln. The kiln sitter tripped after firing 4 on low with lid slightly open, 4 hours medium, and roughly 4 hours on High. The small mug seemed to be leaking water, once I washed it it is holding my cup of coffee and not leaking at all. A larger vase I made is holding some water now but leaking and water is seeping out. 


    Can you tell me why some pieces seep water or don't hold water after being glaze fired?




    1. neilestrick


      If you're using a clay body that isn't fully matured at cone 6, the absorption rate will be too high and it will weep moisture through the crazed glaze. Make sure your clay body has less than 2% absorption at cone 6. If you're using a body that's listed as cone 6-10, it will be under fired at 6.

      Also, no need to go that slow on a glaze firing when making pots. One hour on low, one hour on medium, then high till done will work just fine.

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