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    I've been making pottery since 1967. Currently teaching in retirement homes to students as old as 104.

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  1. Hi-I can't lift & carry much over 20 lbs. myself. When 50 lbs+ of clay shows up at my front door, I have to get it from the ground up the steps, up over a deep door lip, into the house, through the house, down steps, down another door drop of 3-4", and onto a back porch.  I bought a wheeled dolly-type gizmo called an UpCart---it smoothly goes up and down STAIRS! Rolls on specially configured  wheels--worth every penny, and it folds down flat and short.

    1. glazenerd


      Seems to be going around. Had a little accident earlier this year: can't lift more than 20-25lbs with my left arm without it going numb. Have not thrown anything since March. Hopefully it will heal up soon...by you have my empathy.

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