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    Far North Coast NSW Australia
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    Raku, Smoke firing, Wood firing, Experiementing with the earths elements. Very interested in self sufficiency. Love my pets and my friends. inspired by nature. Love living in the bush and playing with mud.

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  1. Linnet ........ Happy to hear "all is Well" and that you are busy. I have been teaching way too much lately and getting short on time to do my thing. Nonetheless, I always manage to turn out something new. Good to see your new work!

  2. Linnet

    Clay pot drums

    hand formed clay pot drums
  3. hello Wayne, thanks for your contact. I've been making/selling udu drums mainly this year. Latest using Ferric Chloride and horse hair for decoration (naked Raku)I have a commission to do 2 gargoyles for rural building but can't seem to start. using different clay, so getting used to it. How about you?

  4. hello Idaho Potter After reading your post I then read your 'about me" and thought we have similar interests as I consider myself a figurative sculptor with great interest in Raku firing, then when I attempted to see your gallery I noticed we have more in common, our birthday! looking forward to more of your posts.

  5. Phill noticed you were looking for packaging.

    In Australia i find '3hfoam' excellent. You can line a box and scuplt the shape of your vessel so it want move in transit. Hope this helps. http://www.3hfoam.com.au/


  6. White raku clay horse hair and sugar carbon trap. Clay pot drum - udu

    © © Linnet 2011

  7. Hi Linnet ........ Thank you for the kind words and help with this site. I think I have it worked out now! Your work attracted me immediately with it's creativity. Thanks again.... Wayne

  8. experiemental ceramicist

  9. Hi Linnet!

    Thanks for the kind note about my flutes/instruments. I have constructed one directional conga so far and have been amazed at the response with just the fired shell (without head). There is an undeveloped market out there (somewhere) for ceramic musical instruments. It is nice to find someone else with similar interests!


  10. Linnet

    Early sculptures

    Some fun sculptures I have made
  11. Hi Paul your flutes are great, I'm very interested in them. I have made a few clay pot drums which I have found to be very well accepted here in Australia.

  12. Hi Mudlark

    Just thought I'd introduce myself.

    I'm another who's into ceramics on the far north coast of NSW Australia. Mainly sculpture. I enjoy wood firing, reduction and now into raku. Please feel free to contact in regard to ceramics.


  13. Linnet


    Love the lighting effect, very inspirational
  14. Hi Carl I have a lot to learn, always learning, experiementing, sometimes seems I experiment more than produce, but it is fun isn't it! looking forward to reading your posts

  15. Beautiful work on your web site. I am also a textural sculptor, using both clay and glaze to produce the texture. I noticed your great use of glaze especially the colours abd techniques you use. I am just starting to investigate low firing and raku firing. This forum is very exciting for me as I love to learn and experiement.

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