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  1. I used the window screen to sieve the liquid mix too. I take it that's not sufficient, (still somewhat new to this). Thanks for the advice
  2. Thanks for the reply. I sieved the dry glaze through an old window screen twice before mixing with water. I then ran the liquid through a screen twice. I also mix it with a drill before each application. The glaze seems to be fairly thick since I've flocculated with Epsom salt. My guess is it may be over firing due to what you stated. I recently upgraded my kiln to one with a digital controller and I have not fired it with witness cones yet so I am not sure if the control is actually reading accurately. I will try firing with cones to see if that's the problem. Thanks again
  3. I have been using some home made glazes for over a year now and have never had issues until I recently switched clay to laguna b mix. The clay supplier I was using was bought out so I can not go back to my old clay. I'm sure something is not agreeing between the clay and the glaze, I just don't know enough about clay and glaze chemistry to resolve it. I did a little research and tried flocculating with Epsom salt solution, but that did not help. It only happens where the glaze was dipped or on really thick. The glaze also cracks away when drying. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. So I am about to go into Forrest Gump mode and tell a story that is so long I probably wouldn't read it. If you just want to see how my issue was resolved, scroll down to the last couple paragraphs this is where the story begins .... I started throwing my senior year of high school(2003) and was fairly decent at it. Once I graduated, I didn't really have access to a wheel so that was it for me. Then In 2005 I bought an old wheel and a paragon A88b. The wheel was not able to center more than about 2lbs of clay without the belt slipping, and at the age of 19 I
  5. I have a paragon A88b kiln which is a fairly old manual kiln. The first and third elements do not heat up. They are not damaged (checked with multi meter ), but they are not getting power to them. When checking the voltage at the connection to the elements, 1 and 3 read 0.something and 2 and 4 read around 118v. The outlet that it plugs into is reading 253v. I looked up the wiring diagram and everything looks right. I guess my next move is to replace the old wiring. Just wondering if anyone has any other thoughts on this situation before I dive into this. Thanks in advance
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