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  1. Hi there Judy.... thanks for the compliment. I'm not used to posting any of my stuff but this one got so many comments that I am quite embarrassed! I started the plate as greenware that I then cut and shaped, then freehanded the fish. I then did all my carving, and after that I did sliptrailing. It was then bisque fired and then I painted the platter. Final stage was glaze fire.

  2. This tabletop started out with the centrepiece. When I finished it, I quite liked it and decided that I want to make a complete mosaic. All the small pieces I made and the small rondels I painted by hand. Then came the tricky part..... to cut pieces of mosaic tiles to fit around the small pieces! Well, as was expected, it did not work unless I used a gazillion small fragments. So I ended up cutting the pieces in greenware, bisque fired it, fit and filed it and numbered it, glazed, fired and then put the whole jigsaw puzzle together. It was quite a job, but the end result to me is lovely. The mosaic is mounted on newtec board, and lies on top of the table. So it is removable if I just need a smooth table. 

  3. Sometimes when I make something that is really good or beautiful (in my eyes...), and somebody wants to buy it, then I feel like saying It's mine!!! But you cannot keep everything, and you also have to share your work... problem is just that I give it away as gifts and do not sell enough of it.... it drives my husband up the wall... hiehie!!

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