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    Knysna, South Africa
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    Apart from pottery, I do warm and hot glass, furniture restoration and framing, cooking and baking, and my biggest love of all.... my african grey Bob and the two girls in my life; Layla the Bassett and Pougs the Scotty.

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I live between 2 continents; my husband and son live in Bratislava, Slovakia, and I live in Knysna, South Africa. This is because of their work. As soon as they have decided on a final destination, and where they actually want to settle, the babes, Bob and I will move to join them. We have been together for nearly 40 years, married 35 years. The rest of my story, the past 35 years, will appear in book format one day..... I am just not sure if it will be classified as a work of fiction, comedy, nightmare, or all of them! That also includes the reasons I started doing pottery. 

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