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  1. Found a really good deal on 200 lbs of Kentucky ball clay ($4!)- now for the work. I am new to making my own clay body, so I'm looking for some suggested recipes. What has worked for you? I work on the wheel and handbuild, I have an electric kiln that I usually fire to cone 5. I am interested in working with low fire temps. as well.
  2. I'm in, my blog is http://willowman-hillsandmountains.blogspot.com A little long on the address, it was before I knew to keep it simple.
  3. I have an odler Brent potters wheel. Currently I am using plaster bats that I cast myself. I see that there are some fancy bats on the market, but I need to stick to a budget. Has anyone had success in making their own bats that mount to the factory holes on the wheel? Thanks, TK
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