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  1. All good information!! I am talking to Jim Cooper at Cooperworks again. He has a few different ideas. Maybe that will end up being the way to go. If I still lived on 2 acres outside of town, it wouldn't really matter to me as much-- about the chimney and the noise. But i want to be a good neighbor. Thank you guys! Pat
  2. hmmm...i hadn't ever considered power burners...again, no experience with them. I agree- i do believe that a downdraft will fire more efficiently and with more control- have heard that for years and a downdraft has always been my plan and 'dream kiln'. However, I have envisioned them with these killer chimneys and didn't think, with a chimney, it would be appreciated in my neighborhood. (I live in a historic neighborhood with a relatively small yard.) So what you are saying is that one can have a downdraft kiln, without a tall chimney for draft, correct? Again, is a downdraft going to be a tri
  3. thank you for your replies and input, Mark and Neil Updraft works for me because we live in an area where I don't think a chimney for a kiln would be looked kindly upon- which a downdraft would require. And also, i have never fired a downdraft, so not sure what the learning curve would be there. I actually had contacted Cooperworks already, and had a good discussion with Jim from there. We have the gas line run already, and have checked with the city for any regulations, which are pretty sparse in our area. We have planned the protection from the weather and have the slab poured. A
  4. I am considering purchasing an Olsen kiln kit. I have scoured the internet and found no negative reports on them. I have fired a small updraft to cone 10 for years, so feel that I have solid experience in firing an updraft, and buying a kit means that the design and calculations have already been done, so it should be a slam dunk. Buy it, put it together and fire pots...right? Anyone care to weigh in on this? Thank you!! Pat
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