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  1. We always had "Clay Gods" or "Kiln Gods" tucked into corners, on shelves, near kilns, etc. when I was at Herron. To continue the tradition, I have one in my studio sitting on a shelf overlooking a space where I work, as well as the kilns. When I look at her it brings back fond memories. Pres, those peep hole creatures are very neat....like them!!
  2. My work has been referred to as "Machoism" in the past. Not a conscious decision, I just made what my heart told me to.
  3. Research and study before diving into a new technique you want to try. Work at your own pace. Take good notes of everything. Label tubs/buckets promptly and correctly when putting things in them. LeeU, the cat on the wheel made me laugh out loud!! Always remember nobody is perfect; take the "failures" and learn from them. Remember why you started on your clay journey, and hold that love in your heart while you work.
  4. After graduating college I worked construction on a pipe laying crew for a few years. Loved the job, was outside and though the work was hard I was in good shape and earned the respect of the other guys on the crew. In 1990 I was asked to work for the family business (poultry processing) and for the past 8 years (from mid January through mid May), I get up at 130 am and check 4 barns of pregnant cows for calves/problems before going to work in the family business. So you could say I "moooonlight" for half of the year. Though I wish I had more time in the studio, I have never gained the coura
  5. Besides the rolling pins, knives, forks, spoons, blender, mixing bowels, and all sorts of plastic plates, containers, etc. I love my cheese cutters and graters and pizza cutter. Also the rubber jar opener....is great for opening stubborn lids. Amazing how many things one can put to an "alternative" use. By the way, wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.
  6. Every day I walk into the studio is a good day....but opening a kiln and finding out/discovering everything turned out even better than you expected is a double blessing. Some "good days" are measured in having a good production day, other "good days" happen when inspiration hits me hard and I do sculptural things. The smile on someone's face when you gift them a piece is a good day. Even when I destroyed a kiln full of work because it didn't turn out the way I hoped was a good day, it taught me to "let go" and that I can better myself. Every day I walk my clay journey is a good day.
  7. The only regret I have is not continuing on in clay after I graduated college....but now that clay and I have been re-united it's a love affair for the rest of my life.
  8. These are "upper middle class" birdhouses, would make any bird very happy!! Love the design and glazes.
  9. I like these, the designs around them look like they are "happy". It makes me smile.
  10. A sampling of the last few months of barrel firing after being away from my beloved clay for 30 years.....
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