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  1. Thankyou for your comments! They have been popular and I enjoy making them. The green colour is two colours of engobes or underglazes sponged on. The colours are from Chrysanthos and the names are mid green and leaf green.
  2. From the album: Revive

    Another option - Painted Stone Pillar

    © christine.dehn.designs

  3. christine.dehn


    New Project Standing Stones (Ceramic Circle)
  4. From the album: Revive

    View inside the completed circle 'aura of colour'

    © christine.dehn.designs

  5. christine.dehn

    Horse Tribute

    Various ceramic articles with the horse emblem
  6. From the album: Horse Tribute

    © christine.dehn.designs

  7. From the album: Horse Tribute

    © christine.dehn.designs

  8. From the album: Revive

    Henge with carved 'White Horse'

    © christine.dehn.designs

  9. From the album: Revive

    Ceramic Circle erected, completed with 'Aura of Colour'

    © christine.dehn.designs

  10. From the album: Revive

    Creating the Standing Stones/Pillars (Clay & Cement)

    © christine.dehn.designs

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