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  1. My teacher says you should leave it 3 days to dry, its not a large piece at all, perhaps 70% the size of an average head, I only have 2 days, so something to speed it up an extra day is great, I don't have anything that can spin w/ a fan, all I have access to is a blow dryer, as I don't want to take the risk of putting it in our oven
  2. Aha, that's exactly it, raku, I don't know what grog is (I am a highschool student) but if your asking if its forgiving. Yes, it is, I made a Bust of a character, no wheel of sorts, simply slab that I molded, I have made a hole in the bottom, so the head through base all have escape vents. Thanks for being one of the most helpful comments, not that anyone didn't help, but you answered quite a lot.
  3. How can I tell what type I'm using? I'm assuming its typical clay for schools, its gray, dries lighter, when fired it turns pink/white
  4. I don't know the exact name, it might start with an R, but I know when it fires its white/pinkish, I'm making a bust and it needs to be bone dry in order to be fired in a kiln
  5. So I'm working on an independent study, that because I was so busy with my upcoming tests and homework, I forgot about the due date, and I need clay to be bone dry asap. Is there a way I can accelerate the process, such as a blow dryer or something of that sort, thank you so much and I would appreciate a rapid response
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