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  2. I enjoyed rereading this article. There is always someone trying to identify the work of artists or fine craftsmen that reflects the inner genius of its creator. Will the "art" created during the past 100 years that has been preserved in museums and private collections be considered important 200 years from now? Curators and critics have an interest in promoting their collections to preserve their value. I enjoy living in the moment, creating whatever, in a way that intrigues me, and placing the final product before the public (customers). Selling allows me to buy more materials and
  3. I have 3. A small electric skutt that I use for raku. A mid-sized paragon for bisque firing. This summer I built a wood fired raku kiln with a side door using an upside down trash can, lid and bricks from an old electric kiln, and ceramic fiber insulation. The electric kilns give me consistent results and I have fun experimenting with the wood fire kiln.
  4. Mark How many potters do you have working on production in your studio? The physical demands of producing that amount of pottery every year would do me in. Thanks for sharing
  5. Since I won't be at Nceca, I'll briefly tell this story here: I enjoy setting up at art in park and other craft shows. I form faces on some of my wall hangings. At one show a couple expressed interest in one of these pieces and bought it. As the man was paying he said, "This is for my mother-in-law. It kinda of looks like here."
  6. I've tried free online courses but had trouble sticking with it. I miss the interaction with other students, discussing their work process and the creative inspiration behind their pieces. However, for me, the internet is the greatest research tool for solving some of my technical and creative conundrums.
  7. No. My work is strictly decorative. I buy mugs, bowls, pitchers and other pieces I enjoy using from other potters.
  8. I create decorative slab raku tile wall hangings with a variety of images and textures pressed into the clay. Men are attracted fish and birds in flight themes and tend to like the copper iridescent colors of raku glazes. Women like whatever fits there home décor and gift giving needs. The leaf motif and cats popular.
  9. I'm always amazed at what can be done with primitive wood fired kilns. I was wondering if his roof was water tight. I noticed daylight between a couple of tile.
  10. Denice, Thanks, After reading your post I went to my barn, prepared my Harbor Freight tile saw and cut two large half kiln shelves to sizes I can use. The shelves were light yellow in color. Took it slow and made sure the blade and shelf were drenched with water as I cut.
  11. ......" embrace the mismatched flaws of a digital program..." This quote conjures up images of a sledged hammer mangled computer.
  12. Kiln Gods? Similar to good luck charms? Anyone who believes in the in the electric kiln gods pays homage every month with a nice contribution to their power company. They may not be thee "higher power" but they honor their parishioners by keeping the juice coming until that little temple (the kiln) loses the faith (needs repair) and you feel like it will take an act of god to repair it. I've never subscribed to idea of kiln gods.
  13. This photo might be a better view of the fire box. Marcia, thanks for the suggestions and photos you emailed me. They were very helpful.
  14. I’m now a believer! My experiment with a wood fired Raku kiln was a success thanks to the information and suggestions from knowledgeable people on this forum. I ripped apart an old electric kiln and used the ceramic fiber blanket surrounding the fire brick to build a light weight kiln. Since there was no breeze the day I fired, a squirrel cage fan was used to improve air flow. Pictures show the kiln and results. Oh yes, the marshmallows were great!
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