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  1. Well both kilns are loaded and the firing started now- one soda & one salt.

    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      post results when you unload.



  2. in Medicine Hat for the salt & soda workshop, looks like I could have brought more stuff but Im here to learn so.....

    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      stay warm. Nice town. Very cool ceramics center. we close on our house 10/31. are you still looking?


    2. terrim8


      Yes but looks like we have to wait. Commitments here will take some time. You'll have to post pictures of the new digs, new kilns...

    3. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      send me your email.


  3. I have an old Paragon from the 70's and I am getting new elements right now & a new kiln-sitter part. They do seem to keep going with a bit of maintenance and definitely not as expensive as keeping an old Volvo running!
  4. Just had an issue trying to fire some items with slip that contained iron chromate at a city studio. I wasn't aware that iron chromate was that toxic but I am now. I'm saving them though to fire in an outdoor gas kiln. A lot of old glaze ingredients can be hazardous but I agree with you Mark about risks and handling things safely.
  5. Just think- all those nice polite customers also drive cars.
  6. yep- its a mid range porcelain called polar ice- probably like frost.
  7. terrim8

    Pendant Light

    seems like a lot of websites are acting weird lately- administrators must be tinkering?
  8. Thank you! I couldn't load my third picture either. Oh well.
  9. From the album: Pendant Lights I make

    I started out calling this light Nodding Amaryllis but it looks more like Solomons Seal.
  10. Yes, I agree, especially as it is such a long haul over the mountains- I'm in Calgary. I was hoping someone would know something though.
  11. Ok- got another invite- this one's in Vancouver, BC. It is the International Urban Art Festival. Anyone ever heard of this one? Reviews???? As usual I could only find their own blurbs.
  12. From the album: other stuff

    hardware stores or maybe even the dollar store
  13. From the album: other stuff

    works great! less expensive than the sponge made for it and a perfect fit.
  14. I used to use "sponge on a chop stick" to clean deeper cylinders. Last year I bought a nice sponge on a stick but was too cheap to buy the replacement sponges, until I found these paint sponge rollers at the hardware store- they are very inexpensive & come in packs of 4 and fit the stick perfectly.
  15. terrim8

    cone 4,5,6

    No- they're not lined up in a nice row. I'm sloppy when I make my own holders- better off with the store bought forms!
  16. From the album: other stuff

    Have to make a new one due to an unsightly chip on the rim.
  17. terrim8

    low fire

    smoke fired pottery
  18. terrim8

    IMG 2739

    From the album: low fire

    just right for putting plastic plant pots in but they have to be kept dry so I take the plants out to water them, then put the plants back in.
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