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  1. been trying some mold making. Think I prefer the wheel.


    1. JohnnyK


      Your wheel work is outstanding from what I can see on your Instagram site. I like the Raku yarn bowls and tea light holders in particular because I've gotten requests for both recently. Your work is an inspiration for me! As for the mold making, like anything else in ceramics, there is a definite learning curve. It's just a matter of whether or not you want to spend the time on that side road of your journey...

    2. terrim8


      Thank you ! Got up this morning and had a look at yesterday's disaster & thought of another way to tackle it. You're right about time and having to just do it to learn.

    3. Pres


      Mold making for me is not as immediate as wheel throwing. I make lots of mugs, each a little different even thought they start with same amount of clay. Making all the same would be boring on the wheel, but mold making not so much if I could get through the first part to the second part. However, I am not really interested in going with all the slip casting process.




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