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    Out in the country, GA
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    All manner of crafts, my dogs, rescue (dogs and wildlife), new to clay but quickly becoming addicted!

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I am married with 3 children and many dogs (a Great Dane and 7 little ones - minpins, chihuahua, pomeranian).  Our children are grown and gone, the last one having graduated from college this past December.  My husband and I are both in corporate IT and both work from home.  I love that clay is the total opposite of my day job.


I have always been a maker ... every manner of craft you can think of but once mastered I would get bored or just lose interest.  I started taking a sculpture/handbuilding class the first of the year and I am hooked!  I love tools/gadgets, making tools and figuring out how to make something work.  Potters are some of the most inventive people I know ... I have found my people!

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